Every character has their story, much of which I hope will be told through the narrative. But here are some details to grant a bit more insight on the comings and goings of the D7 Universe.


D7 is a girl lost in a future world. Not particularly great at any one thing, D7 strives to learn and absorb what she can from her friends and surroundings. While not having an identity is burdensome to say the least, she is given support by the ROTX and specifically Lt. Jynetik Lajiko who she has a close bond with. Yet when one thing is covered another thing is exposed. Haunted byher nightmares, D7 struggles to make sense of it all, while trying to assist in the growing crisis, any way she can.

Sasha Ivanova

Having a personality all her own, Sasha is a Russian, 20 something who is still searching for her true identity. She loves to play and doesn't mind working. Being saddled with the responsibility of safeguarding a girl with no memory, is not exactly what she had in mind when graduating ROTX U. Yet when push comes to shove, Sasha is fierce and relentless, never backing down from a challenge.

Amelie Froid

A polite 27 year old, who calls France her place of birth, Amelie Froid does her best to do her best, and keep her partner Sasha on task. While she excels at nearly everything, marksmanship is her true calling, being perfect on nearly every shot. But being polite is its own challenge as she is pressed between two strong personalities in D7 and Sasha who come to blows and need to be mediated. And when that is not called for, a perfect aim just might be.

Jynetik Lajiko

English by birth but Texan at heart, Lieutenant Jynetik Lajiko is a selfmade woman who loves her work, but has a void in her personal life, that always seem to follow her. Surprised at the discovery of a girl with no memory, Jynetik immediately took in D7, lost and alone, reminiscent of her own upbringing. So while work and responsibilites of guardianship keep her busy, the threat of a terrorist organization puts it right over the top. But no situation's too big for Jynetik Lajiko.