The first in production, D7Peacemaker: Prodigal Child finds D7, wandering the city streets, disoriented and barely conscious. Taken in by a lieutenant of the Republic of Texas military force, Lt. Jynetik Lajiko, D7 tries to piece together the fragments of her past. Meanwhile the ROTX is dealing with a terrorist organization referred to as 'The Black Cell' from the mysterious black cube devices they leave behind at crime scenes. Having abducted and murdered countless civilians, the Black Cell has their sites set on military facilities.

D7 and her cohorts must search the state for clues, while the Black Cell's attacks grow more daring and deadly. Yet the more that D7 learns about the terror group, the more she realizes she may have questions only they can answer. As the city burns D7 must summon all her strength to meet the Black Cell head on and save not only her mind, but millions of innocent lives.

The Concept

I came up with the concept of the D7Peacemaker story back in 1997. The idea was a standalone feature that occured in the future and dealt with a special agent named, D7. So before developing that further, I got together with Tony Hobdy, formed D7 Studios Inc. and we made our very first film, D7Peacemaker: Stage 1, which was set to be a trial before attempting the much larger and more difficult D7Peacemaker film.

Once Stage 1 was complete, my buddy Jason Brookshier and I were hard at work on the sequel, D7Peacemaker: Stage 2. Considering I had zero experience with screenwriting, or true filmmaking of any kind, I learned so much from Stage 1 and was anxious to put another smaller story out there. So while expanding on my personal capabilities, I would also press farther into my D7Peacemaker film concept, but in a managable project size.Though as things often go, once you open the box there's always more to see inside.

Working through D7Peacemaker: Stage 2, we came upon the much larger world of the D7 universe. A world where so much could happen that would pave the way for the final film. So thus began looking into each character to really find out who they were beyond just players in a grand scheme. This molded the structure of the first film, wherein D7 would be introduced to her massive, fantastic universe along with the audience. To do this properly, I worked with Edward Viator who taught me screenwriting while helping me translate the story from an idea to a motion picture.

The Saga

Fortunately once we finished the script for Prodigal Child, studio interest arose which required a ton of time and focus on the project. Yet during this, my desire to deliver a new experience to audiences was hindered. So I developed a prequel to the Prodigal Child film called Nightfall. This would allow me to create interim content while also exploring characters that were introduced in the trilogy but never really explored further.

With 14 years involving 14 major rewrites, film demos, concept pitches and offshoot projects, the journey to Prodigal Child has been a long one. Thankfully the time to develop this has come and I'm excited to show what D7 has in store.

The Films

The D7 universe consists of five films.

D7Peacemaker: Stage 1
D7Peacemaker: Nightfall
D7Peacemaker: Prodigal Child
D7Peacemaker: WeaponNext
D7Peacemaker: Final Protocol