D7Peacemaker: Prodigal Child


A girl (D7) wakes in the city of Austin, Texas with no memory, while a terror group, calling themselves the Black Cell, kills at will. With the help of the Republic of Texas Military Force (ROTX) D7 must fight to regain her memory before the Black Cell can carry out their plans. Yet little known to D7, the Black Cell may be the only ones with the answers she desperately needs.


D7Peacemaker Prodigal Child is an animated series created by D7 Studios Inc. The current platform for the film will be VOD via online media outlets.

Arik Renee Avila

Writer, Artist, Director

Beginning in 1997, Arik has written and directed a number of animated and live action features, shorts, commercials and pitch projects for marketing agencies, independent film and studio projects. His projects have been displayed worldwide via print, VOD, DVD, theatrical and broadcast television.

Tony Hobdy

Producer, Executive Producer

Tony has been involved in media and management stemming back from 2002. He has managed and produced an extensive number of feature media projects, video games, graphic novels and comic books for brodcast, independent and theatrical release.


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  • “Created entirely on a single PC and a $12,000 budget, D7Peacemaker Stage 1 sold in over 12 countries and played publically for audiences all over America.” — Stage 1 statistics

  • “Nothing worth having is easy. My mother told me this.” — Amelie Froid - D7Peacemaker

  • “Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, Or what's a heaven for?” — Robert Browning